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Cassava Fermentation To The Culinary World

Cassava Fermentation To The Culinary World

Written by : Hadi Winarto (adapted from various sources in google)

Cassava Fermentation = Cassava Tapai

Tape singkong, Tape ubi, Tape gaplek (Indonesia)

Tapai (Indonesia) Tapai (Minang) Tape (Jawa) peuyeum (Sunda) Manihot esculenta (latin)

Prof. Fleet, microbiologist from University of New South Wales made a statement in International Workshop on Food Fermentation at Universitas Gadjah Mada Jogja. He said, “Why you’re not exporting tapai to our country?” Tapai can be liked in the West because making tape formulations is difficult, you should be able to export it to our country. You eat yoghurt and cheese.These are all from the West.

Compared with yoghurt or cheese, tapai also has a good nutrient and lately tapai become a new trends in researchers. based on research, tapai is rich with vit B1 which are needed by brain. Tapai can be a substitute of white rice that popular to be vit B1 source. This is because tape contains fresh yeast which can synthesized the B1 vitamin. White rice has undergone the excessive milling process, and losing epidermis part that contains of vit. B1. The total amount of losing vit B1 can reach up to 80%. In addition, when washed repeatedly, vitamin B1 will decrease more. Vit B1 also easily damaged by excessive heat when cooked rice.

Meanwhile, children who lack vitamin. B1 leads to lazy learning, and can be affected to beriberi disease. Vitamin B1 acts as a koizim thiamin pirofostas that catalyzes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to produce energy. The failure of the energy metabolism may affect the neurons and their function in certain parts of the central nervous system. Vit B deficiency disrupts digestion. You can encouraging breastfeeding mothers to complimentary her diets with tape because it give strong energy and ASI. Another research founds that tape contains vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is useful to help reduce stress and make it more relaxing. Another thing about tape’s ability is to bind and release aflatoxin from the body. Aflatoxin is a toxic substance or toxin produced by mold, especially Aspergillus flavus. This toxic was coming from daily food, such as soy sauce. Tapai consumption within normal limits is expected to reduce aflatoxin.

In tropical countries who consume cassava as a major carbohydrate, the population is susceptible to anemia. This is because cassava contains cyanide which is toxic to human body. Consuming tapai can prevent anemia because the microorganisms involved in fermentation are able to produce vitamin B12.

Other benefits: Eliminate Acne Using tapai as a traditional recipe to remove the black spots. The trick is to consume 25gram tapai every day. Tapai which is the result of fermentation from cassava has alcohol content. Well, which serves to neutralize fat in the body, one cause of acne is excessive fat in the skin of the face. By consuming tapai, the alcohol will neutralize excessive fat in the skin so it is useful to remove acne. Drug Wounds for Diabetes Patients. Patients with diabetes who have wounds will be very difficult to heal. Well, tapai can heal wounds in diabetics. The trick, first clean the wound with warm water, then paste the soft cassava tapai on the wound. Dressing with bandages.

Nutrition Cassava Fermentation (1000 gram)

  • Protein                        :  7%
  • Energy                        :  1800 kacl
  • Fat                               :  1 %
  • Carbohydrate            :  43%
  • Vitamin B1                 :  0,7 mg

Cassava Tapai

The price is 1 dollar per-kg not including postage. Contact Mr. Hadi 0812-2421-7112

Cassava Fermentation To The Culinary World


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